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Mrs Louw(Jeanne Kotzé)

Jeanne Kotzé was born in 1929 in Lichtenburg, South Africa.  She is a painter of landscapes, portraits, still life and figures.  She works in oil, acrylic, watercolour, ink, conté and mixed media.  She also worked in mosaic, ceramic, cement and stained glass.  Futhermore, she produced textile designs and was a lithographer and etcher. She studies from 1947 – 1951 under Professor OJP Oxley, Geoffrey Long, Rosa Hope and Hilda Rose at the University of Natal.  In 1950, she won the Emma Smith Scholarship for overseas studies and studied from 1952 – 1953 at the Accademia di Belle Art in Ravenna, Italy under Professor Renato Signorini and Professor René Jaudon.  Then followed studies at the l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts in Paris, France during 1953/54 under Professor Leoncillo; 1954/56 L’Instituto Statale d’Arte in Rome, Italy under Signorina Castellucci and during 1985 at the University of Pretoria under Professor Nico Roos.