About GO

Gauteng Opera is an all-round performing arts and entertainment company in South Africa, focusing on opera related productions, concerts and events. With the slogan “Opera for Everyone”, Gauteng Opera aims to expose opera to varied audiences with different opera offerings. Driven by excellence in vocal performance and theatre, Gauteng Opera prides itself in being one of the foremost nurturers of experts and proponents for quality vocal performance and theatre practitioners. Click here to download our profile


To be the Leading Opera Company in South Africa


We want everyone to experience the joy of Opera

World class training academy that produces the voices of the future

To produce clearly defined opera productions that have a broader appeal to the South African market

To build relationships that create mutual and enduring value through the joy of opera

Long-term financial well-being through aggressive fund raising


We commit to excellence in all our efforts

We commit to be driven by our Passion for opera

We commit to instil the joy of Opera in everyone

We commit to hard work in all that we do


Gauteng Opera intends to work with world class Artists, Designers, Conductors and Directors, as appointed and selected by the company. Local and National artist are sourced from a wide selection of singers who are of the standard that is required by Gauteng Opera and come from all provinces of South Africa.

As Gauteng Opera we have segmented our product offerings into:

  • Opera to the Core
  • Opera for Fun
  • Opera for One
  • Opera on the gO
  • Opera in History

Opera for One

Opera for one caters to discerning individuals who want to experience the joy of opera through private functions or events. With Opera for One, we target:

  • Corporate groups which range from small corporate companies to government departments.
  • Individuals, who are interested in Opera as an entertainment option in their programmes or functions.
  • Event organisers and talent scouts  for specialised and tailor-made need classical and opera music.

In 2012, Gauteng Opera formed a group called Forté, consisting of soloists whose responsibility is to perform and be the face of Gauteng Opera as well as principals for fully-staged opera productions. The Artists who are recruited into the group have either qualified as classical singers at tertiary institutions or completed their training with the Gauteng Opera Academy.

Opera to the Core

Catering to Opera enthusiasts, with Opera to the Core we offer fully-staged productions in the truest, purest essence of Opera. This segment will have all the elements of Opera incorporated and the audiences of this product will enjoy Opera in its glory as they want to experience Opera in its purest form.

With Opera to the Core, scheduled performances are often three or more, and will often include one educational performance targeting school groups.

Opera on the gO

Focusses on taking Opera to the people, Opera on the Go is a vehicle for Gauteng Opera to spread the joy of opera to outlying areas that don’t have access to live performances.

Most importantly it is a vehicle for the company to develop new audience for the future. With Opera on the Go, fully-staged operas are developed into educational tools, as the company takes its tours around the country.

schools will get a chance to experience a performance by Forté where they will learn about the components of opera and receive a 40 minute long programme of singing.  we also offer Opera talks for schools during our performance seasons where schools can come and experience a full opera on a live stage with soloists, chorus, costumes, sets and orchestra.

Opera for Fun

This segment offers Concerts, Galas Concerts and Extravaganzas that will show the lighter side of Opera; and will be able to cater to an audience that will be experiencing opera for the first time and to the initiated as well. The programmes for the Concerts consist of a mixture of popular arias and overtures, combined with the not-so-popular ones. We will also often use one concert to commemorate a particular composer by having a programme consisting of only their music (e.g. Verdi Opera Gala)

Opera in History

Late in 1998, in the spirit of entrepreneurship and with a determination to preserve the traditions of opera performance in this country, not to mention the creation of a unique pathway for gifted, young, previously disadvantaged singers to attain their goals.