One Voice 2014

GAUTENG OPERA presents to you a strikingly unique performance, which truly displays the versatility of our South African Artists. Our classically trained artists sing any style of music with strong voices and exceptional quality. Heavenly voices while vibrant colourful costumes and lighting ignite you imagination and transport you to our Magical Africa.

The concept for this concert came about The Black Tie Ensemble’s involvement in the State Theatre’s Capital Arts Festival in 2010. We wanted to present something to celebrate our unique heritage which is enjoyed by all. The production tells a story of our special continent, Africa. Beautiful poems on the theme of Africa to take the audience on an musical and emotional tour. The rhythms and sounds are bound together with movement and the spoken word. This programme is not culture bound, nor is it region bound, but it is a programme that embraces our vibrancy, colour and history.

This production is filled with beautiful music, exquisite voices, vibrant colours and costumes and foot-stamping rhythms. It is a product to make us proud to be South African and it is truly African.