Meet the Team

Kanyiso Kula

Kanyiso Kula was born on the 12th of November 1993, growing up in a small place called Old Crossroads, somewhere around Cape Town. His lower grades were completed at Imbasa Primary School in Crossroads, then went to Fezeka High School where he was introduced to choral and opera music, that’s where his love for music started, of course with the help of Mr. Phumelele Tsewu.

He also grew looking up to his brother as he’s one of the opera singers in Cape Town, not knowing that one day he’ll be accepted to be one of the senior trainees at Gauteng Opera. In 2016 he went for auditions in Johannesburg where he didn’t go as well as he thought it would but he was on the list for callbacks in November, he got accepted on the second auditions. Music as a whole means a lot to him but when we talk about opera, Kanyiso enjoys himself more than he’s doing anything else.